The Only Road to Excellence

We have more tools promising us quicker results than any other point in history.

That’s incredible news for a culture that doesn't like to wait. We've become so attached to the idea of reaching our goals quickly that many of us have forgotten the core ingredient to doing great work: Excellence. 

Excellence demands far more from us.  

Excellence will beat us up, force us to grow and make us brave before we reach it. It separates the committed and non-committed. Not many of us can handle the road to excellence. But we always recognise it in those who've reached it. 

It was in The Beatles live concerts after years of playing in Hamburg before anyone knew their name. It's in Jay Z’s notebooks and later his live acts. It was in the world record Paula Radcliffe took twenty years to train for. It's in Seth Godin's daily blog. It was in Michael Jordan's career. 

Excellence always takes longer for us to reach than we'd like to admit. But the location it leads to is greater than any other place you could go. 

Don't just quit because it's taking longer than you'd have liked. 

You might just be on the right path.