Anxiety Changes Nothing

Imagine yourself sitting at a table.

In front of you is a stack of paper made up of hundreds of sheets.

As you flick through each sheet, you realise that each one has a word or a sentence representing something you're currently anxious about:

Bills that need to be paid

That apology you need to make

The weight that needs to be lost

On the left of this stack is a bucket labelled 'You Can Change It' and to the right is another bucket labelled 'You Can't Change It'. Your job is to put each sheet of paper in the appropriate bucket.

After ten minutes you're done. Every worry in your life has been allocated to the appropriate bucket.

Here's what you'll notice: No matter which bucket the sheets ended up in, your anxiety cannot change it. 

Fix that which you can fix.

Leave that which you can't.  

Recognise that your anxiety makes no difference to either.