20 Suggestions for Depressed People

How good is being depressed!

That was a ridiculous thing to say.

I just wanted a catchy opening statement to get your attention. Depression is a bitch. Like a sandstorm in your mind that makes every waking minute feel as bad as being forced to listen to Justin Bieber's first big hit Baby, Baby, Baby ooh or whatever it's called on repeat. All day. Though I personally enjoy the song, I understand there's a good chance that situation would completely ruin your day. 

Here's the thing with depression. 

A lot of us assume because we're upset, it's because our great granddad was too, so it was just a genetic gift passed through the generations. Thanks a lot, Grandpa. Though this may be true to a certain extent, there is also plenty of evidence to suggest we can make some radical changes to our emotions through few little tricks.

So, are you depressed?

Stop getting pissed off at grandpa and try some of these. 


  • Change your focus You've probably heard every life coach in the world explain that we tend to notice what we look for. Yeah, I'm sick of hearing it to. The problem is, they're right. if you spend 15 seconds looking around your room for blue objects, you're going to find them. Same is true in life, if you're constantly on the hunt for evidence that everything is wrong, you'll notice it. A great way to change your focus is to ask better questions. Let me tell you more about it here. 
  • Choose friends wisely Stop hanging out with dickheads who shut down every dream you have. I'm pretty sure they say that you become the average of the five people you hang out with. Choose a group of friends that will support you, encourage you and challenge you. But don't hang out with those who just want to shit on your dreams. In other words, stop spending time with people you hate. 
  • Exercise regularly You can't tell me don't feel amazing after a good workout. I know that at the time staying inside and eating a doughnut seems like the best idea, but can guarantee that an hour later you'll feel better from a run than a donut. Get up, walk, run, gym, yoga, ride, take up synchronised swimming if you have to. Just work out. You'll feel better. Look how happy these chicks are.  
  • Get a new job Ok so I'm not saying you HAVE to. But you spend a fair bit of time at the job you work at. If you bloody hate it, why are you still there? Is there another place you can work? You're not stuck. 
  • Eat natural food Have you noticed lately that the things we call food is complete junk? Seriously, so much of what we eat is rubbish. Processed, long life, packaged food. Eat food as close to its natural state as possible. Here's a good rule, before you eat it ask yourself, would my great-grandma eat that? (I'm going with a lot of grandparent references today!)
  • Meditate Bare with me. I know every 30-year-old white kid is saying this, but it's because we've realised that our crazy mental noise can be helped by doing it. So much of what goes through our minds are these ridiculous little movies we make about how bad everything in our life is. Rather than getting caught up in your movie, learn to meditate. It helps you step back from your thoughts and notice they need not rule your whole life. Just because you're thinking something doesn't make it true so stop pretending it does. Start with headspace. 
  • Accept failure Yeah it sucks that it didn't work out the way you wanted it to, but as long as you're letting it rule your life you're not wanting to get up and try anything big again. Learn from it, get back up and go again. A lot of us forget that failure is just feedback. Actually, I'll shut up. Listen to Jordan.
  • Clarify what you really value Stop filling your day with things you don't care about. Spend a few minutes thinking about what you actually love and start making the decision to invest more of your time into that area. 
  • Take a day off Hard work is good. But you can't work well when you're not fresh. Athletes know this better than anyone. They train hard and rest hard. Stop pretending you're not a human and don't need a little down time. Working more doesn't make you more efficient. Give yourself a rest day. 
  • Read Awaken the Giant Within Tony Robbins is an absolute animal (your favourite kind). If you feel as though you can't get on top of your emotions, get yourself a copy of this book and start applying the simple lessons he teaches. 
  • Get into nature You can't say that without sounding like a complete hippy. I just wanted to acknowledge that. Honestly, how good does it feel to be out there. There's so much noise in the city that you're lucky to be able to hear yourself think. I love getting out in nature and hearing birds tweet (not on twitter). It's refreshing. Calming. Go on hippy. Try it. 
  • Put your phone away I really don't need to explain this, you know it true. Rather than constantly looking at photos of your best mate in her in her bikini next to a guy with the golden rig on top of Mt Kilimanjaro, turn it off. You feel rubbish when you compare your Saturday night in your room watching Netflix and eating ice-cream with your friend and her golden African mate. 
  • Eliminate your debt How awesome is it when you owe people money. I know. Not at all. Stop pretending to be rich by buying things you don't really need with money you don't even have. Save up for it before you buy it. You can't argue with my logic. Pay off your debt. It feels better. 
  • Invest in your passion I want to punch everyone who says that in the face as well. But bare with me. Passion is just something you bloody love. So, what do you enjoy doing? Are you making time to invest in that area? If you're not, cut some of the extra stuff from your schedule and start doing more of what you enjoy. 
  • Go to sleep I hate tired babies. They're so sooky.  Being tired does make you feel like crap, though. We never grow out of feeling rubbish when we're tired. Stop staying up so late. You need to rest. 
  • Stop choosing to be offended In our completely over the top PC culture, every man and his cat is offended by something. Simply walking outside in 2017 becomes a hardcore competition to see who can be offended by the most shit. Stop pretending that other people have the power to offend you. The only way you can be offended is if you choose to let the negativity that slides out of peoples mouth upset you. Simple solution. If what someone says upsets you because it's true, then try and change it. If they say something and it offends you and it's untrue, why are you so offended? Come on!
  • Speak to someone I have no idea why I left this point until last. It's probably the most important. Do this one first. When you're depressed you feel as though no one can help. I get it. Remember what I said about your perspective not alway being right? It applies here. People can help you. They can. Find a therapist and chat to her for an hour. If she doesn't help, try someone else. There are people trained to help you.