Do you ever feel paralysed looking at the Netflix home screen?

With all of the shows to choose from, the process of selecting something to watch feels almost impossible. Like Tinder of the television world, we’re constantly questioning whether what we’ve chosen was the best option or whether we should go back and have one more look.

My life sometimes feels like the Netflix home screen.

With all the options available on where to direct my attention, it can be hard to know what to do next. Like a Labrador on cocaine (an interesting image which still looks super cute in my mind) we jump from one thing to another without ever pausing to consider what the best use of our time might be.   

It’s no wonder we’re stressed.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with options, I recommend these steps:

  • Clarify your top five What are the five most important things in your life? When you’re clear about these things, it becomes far easier to notice what is the excess and what is the essential. There's power in clarity. 
  • Write your own eulogy This will help you realise that when you’re gone, you’re not going to wish you spent more time at the office. How would you like to be remembered? Invest in those areas.
  • Play this game Clear up hours of your day to invest in the areas you value most by playing my 30-Day Internet Game.  

It's not the options before us that's the problem. It's a lack of clarity on what we value most. When our values are in place, deciding what to do becomes a lot easier.