Dead end or defining moment?

I love success stories.

It's inspiring to hear about how a person made it from where they once were, to where they are now. When I hear their stories, I’m always surprised at how many obstacles they had to overcome on their journey. The times they fell short. The emotions that accompanied their falling short.

It’s easy to forget that people who have done well in their field had to overcome real challenges.

Just like you.

Just like me.

It’s easy to wish we were living their success story until we hear how their story was written. The journey to success in our field is sneaky like that. It always appears close, but as we step towards it, we realise there are twists and turns and mountains and valleys and wind and rain and stumbling blocks that slow down our progress. 

How we interpret the stumbling block dictates how we progress. Some of us misinterpret stumbling blocks as the end of our journey and turn back. Those who reach the elite level in their journey understand that there is a way to get around it. It may not be obvious. 

But it's there. 

Where are you in your journey?

Have you seen the stumbling blocks? 

Are you sure it's the end of the path?

Is there a chance that by focusing on the stumbling block, you haven't noticed the trail beside it?

The trail leads you through the next part of the journey.