A Daily Guide to Great Health

There is no secret to building great health.

That can be easily forgotten in a world with so many programs selling us 'the secret to getting ripped in one workout'. It's understandable that programs are sold that way -  who wouldn't want Brad Pitt's abs in 4 days rather than having to train for two years? - But there's a problem with it. 

It's not true. 

Building great health is like building anything great. We need to commit to taking the appropriate steps towards improvement each day. But with all the options on what we could do, where do we actually start?

Below are a few simple options. 

Take some time to do each of these things every day, and over time your mental and physical health will become significantly better. 


  1. Meditate You don't need to be a victim of your thoughts. Take 10-20 minutes a day to switch yourself off from all the distraction, and focus on your breath. A great place to start is with the Smiling Mind app.
  2. Breathe Focused breathing exercises are linked to some amazing health benefits - higher energy levels, better recovery time, improved sleep and concentration just to name a few. I recommend Wim Hoff's method
  3. Journal Writing each morning will clarify our plans for the day. Writing in the evening is a great way to reflect on the day gone by. If you'd like a little more instruction, The Artists Way: Morning Pages is a great option.  
  4. Wake Early Rather than staying in bed for a few more minutes. Jump up and start the day fresh with the sun. It feels good to be up early. 
  5. Eat Naturally Food really is the best medicine. In a culture that celebrates the incredible benefits of modern medicine it can be easy for us to forget that the food we eat plays a great impact on our health. If you need some help check out Whole 30. 
  6. Exercise It doesn't have to be a struggle every time. Just move. Mark Sisson has a simple routine you can follow. 
  7. Affirmations An affirmation is more than just positive talk. It's training your brain to see the world in a new way. Watch this to see how. 
  8. Learn People have learnt how to deal with the situation you're currently dealing with. Take some time to learn the lessons from those who have gone before us.
  9. Build relationships One of the most interesting things about of the oldest and healthiest people in the world (shown in The Blue Zones Solution) is the deep relationships they have. Don't go at it alone. Find yourself a group - sporting teams, faith groups, reading clubs are all great options. 
  10. Simplify Get rid of the excess in your life. In a culture that worships the accumulation of stuff most of us have forgotten the life changing benefit of living with less. Start with a minimalism game.