Some ideas for change

Change your focus - You tend to notice what you focus on. We all know people who are so joyful despite their challenges. At the same time we know plenty of people who have had everything seem to work well for them, and still, they're so angry. That's a focus issue. Science has now shown that our brain strengthens neural pathways that we use most regularly. Practice looking for an opportunity where others see obstacles, it completely changes the way we experience difficult times. 

Change your physiology – Confidence and depression are more than just a mental thing. It's also physical. We can clearly see when someone is confidence just by looking at them (think Conor McGregor). At the same time, we all know what depressed people look like. It's not just our brain telling our body how to feel. Our body also tells our brain how to feel. Do you want to feel happier, more confident, calmer? Adjust your body to take on the characteristics of what you're trying to feel. 

Improve your language – Be careful with the language you use to explain the situation you find yourself in. Don’t call it a tragedy if it’s just a disappointment. Don’t call it a disaster if it’s only a problem. The words we use have emotions attached to them so use words that leave you feeling empowered and with a sense of hope rather than a letdown.  

Create new stories – We all tell ourselves stories about what was supposed to be experiencing in life. If our story doesn’t match our reality it can leave us feeling disillusioned. In those moments you can either change your story or change your situation. If your story doesn’t match your reality, change your story or your situation.

Change your strategies – The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. You already knew that. If you feel like what you’re doing isn’t working. Then change it.  

Look at your diet – Cut out the processed crap from your diet. Eat foods as close to its natural state as possible. Though there’s a head of science to back up this comment, you just need to look at how you feel after a healthy meal. You feel better when you eat better. Do it.  

Practice meditation – Create some space between you and your thoughts. Stop letting anxiety, fear and sadness rule your life. See that you can separate yourself from your thoughts and be joyful no matter how crazy your thoughts are going.  

Go to sleep - Tiredness makes us all grumpy -go to bed

Develop clarity – You can’t hit a target your not aiming at. Before you decide what to commit your time to, clarify what means the most to you. Maybe writing your own eulogy can help you do this. It’s far more meaningful to commit to things you value and care about than it is just going through the motions of what comes up in your day.