Being offended is a choice

It's impossible for people to offend you without your permission. 

It's true. 

Just because they say it, doesn't mean we have to accept it. 

Yet how many people walk around constantly offended because of what someone said to them. They meditate on it day and night and allow it to take root in their minds. Going over all the comebacks they should have thrown at the person they're choosing to be offended by. 

Finding your value in someone's opinion of you is a shaky foundation to a stable level of confidence. Most peoples opinions are like their emotions, changing and fluctuating depending on what is going on. 

Here's an alternative:

Be selective about who you let speak into your life. Maybe you listen to what the Bible says about you, or your loved ones say about you or the people you really care about say about you. But don't let your day be ruined by the words of someone who doesn't know you well. 

As the old saying goes if someone you loves says something to you that hurts, "if it's true, change it. If it's not, let it go".

Don't be too sad when you're criticised. 

Don't be too cocky when you're praised. 

People opinions of you shouldn't have that kind of power. 

Your real value isn't found in their words.