it's not a matter of if but  when we'll be called into wilderness.

 It can come at any time.

The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the breakdown of a relationship, a cancer diagnosis, a pain that won't leave.

The wilderness is the location where your standard approach to finding your way through life is no longer helpful. The compass that once guided you so well has been smashed and doesn't work. It's the place where your questions don't seem to have any answers. Where the faith you once held so firmly feels shaky. Its that barren place. That desolate place, the dark place that's filled with fear and trembling, 

But contrary to common belief, the wilderness is there to build you, not to break you.  It's there to equip you, strengthen you and offer you gifts. It's the place where you're forced to look for answers to the real questions that life asks you:

Why am I here? 

Who put me here? 

How can I use my time well? 

How can I handle my time here effectively? 

When you're in the wilderness, and  overwhelmed by the experience, don't run away. Don't pretend you're not there by hiding behind drink or drugs or gambling or information or entertainment or sex or work or money. 

Stop and listen to what you're being taught.

Then bring the lessons back to us.  

Because it turns out that it's in the wilderness that true wisdom is found.