Making excellence the average

I've been in Hanoi for two days now. 

Before I got here I was amazed how many people were telling me that the local Hotel staff here have a reputation of going so far out of their own way in order to make the experience of the guests the most positive one they can. From the moment I arrived, I realised exactly what my friends had met. 

Greeted with tea and coffee. 

A personalised welcome note on the bed. 

The staff stand up each you arrive back at the hotel. 

Constant reminders that they're there to help with anything. 

Smiles and genuine interest in how your holiday is going. 

The small things that they do so well all make such a huge difference to the experience.

When we come to our tasks with the attitude that La Storia Ruby staff bring each and every day, it not only impacts the experience that the guests have, but also ensures the word of their great work will spread with all those they know who are looking at visiting. 

When we aim to raise the level of our game from good to excellent, the results spread a long way. 

What a great strategy. 

Let's make excellence our average. 

Whatever it is you do.