10 Things Confident People Already Know

Confidence isn't a fluke. 

Nor is it something only a certain few have access to. 

Confidence is a craft.

When I use the word confidence, I'm not referring to those who are loud, cocky and desperate for attention. That's insecurity. Nor am I referring to the person who turns all conversation back to themselves, for their own glory. That's arrogance. When I say confidence, I am referring to those with the simple belief that they are capable of accomplishing the task set before them. 

The confident see the world in a different way to many others. There are things they understand, that those who live without it haven't realised. 

Let me share them with you. 

  1. Failure is an opportunity Failure is not the end of the journey, but an important part of it.  Each failure offers the opportunity to assess where they went wrong, make the necessary adjustments, and go again. Failure is just feedback.
  2. Comparison is pointless They're aware that every individual has strengths and weaknesses. They don't compare their weakness' to others strengths, but join forces with people who are strong in the areas they are weak.
  3. The friends they choose are crucial They choose to surround themselves with people who support, challenge and speak life into their dreams. To surround themselves with people who simply bring them down adds an unnecessary weight for them to carry. 
  4. The power of self talk They use their self talk to support themselves. They are their own biggest fans with their words.
  5. They're passionate about what they do They have discovered where their passion intersects with their gifts. They love what they do and in turn,  spend more time doing it, which leads to a better results. 
  6. The power of learning They ask questions, study, refine and repeat. They understand that while they continue to learn, they continue to grow.  
  7. Happiness is found within They don't find their sense of value solely in what they do. They understand that their achievements will only temporarily satisfy. They understand that true happiness is something within them, not something they can accumulate. 
  8. Celebrate the small wins They acknowledge progress and understand that continual small wins, eventually create big wins. IKEA is big now, but started selling postcards and pencils. 
  9. They're not swayed by opinion They're aware that paying too much attention to compliments will lead to arrogance, and too much attention to haters, they feel despair. They develop a plan with those they trust, and stick to it. 
  10. Confidence doesn't always look the same They don't try to satisfy anyone else's criteria of what confidence looks like. They play to their strengths in the areas they know they can win as they understand confidence follows breakthrough.