The thing about thoughts

Is that they're not all true. 

So why do we buy into them so much?

It's because of the oxygen we feed them in the form of emotion. When we have a thought, we have an emotional reaction. Sometimes that emotion is positive. Sometimes it's negative. But it starts at the thought. 

If you've noticed you're caught up in the negative thought to negative emotion spiral, then it's time to challenge your thoughts. Not many people are aware that was even an option. But the great news is that it is possible and it's effective. 

You can do it with two columns and a piece of paper. 

In one column you write down the negative thought that you're attached to. In the other column, you write a more reasonable and balanced perspective. I've included an example below. What are the most common thoughts that are causing you anxiety, frustration, stress or sadness? Write them down, challenge them and enjoy the fresh perspective you may have been missing all these years.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.58.39 am.png