Is Being Busy Bad?


I don’t think being busy is bad.    

But we must be careful what we’re busy about.     

Too many of us fill our days with activities that we wish we were no longer involved in: The extra commitment we took on because we felt bad saying no. The thing we volunteered for that we’re no longer interested in. The things we said yes to that we should never have agreed to.

We’ve wrongly assumed that if we could add a few extra hours into our day, then we could finally commit to the things that are really important to us, but deep down we know that’s not true. We don’t need more hours. We need to use the hours we have more effectively. But to do that, we need to be aware of how we’re using the hours we actually have.


What are you currently committed to that you should no longer be doing? What could you eliminate from your schedule to open some space for the things you really value? How could your life be better with a little more time?