A Lesson from Warren Buffett's Twitter Habits


Warren Buffet has posted on Twitter nine times and has 1.2 million followers.

That’s a huge audience for a man who rarely tweets.

The way he uses the platform is very different to how most people with a business are taught to use it. They're told to post more and follow more people in the hope they will follow back and keep doing that consistently until they have an audience. 

We act like if we make enough noise people will care more about what we're saying. We've become more obsessed with how we appear than we are with our product, service or idea. 

Buffet has played the game very differently to most of us. 

He's played the long game. 

He’s become such an expert in his field over the last sixty years that he's now someone people want to hear from. 

While social media is a great platform to share your work, its shouldn't take priority over your work. 

Before we start shouting on social media in the hope that more people will hear us, let's take the time to learn something worth shouting about. 

It will take us a little longer, but it's a far better contribution.