Date night

Only weeds grow well without attention. 

It's as true in your garden as it is in your relationship. 

But I've got a bloody good spray for those weeds: Date Night. 

Here's how it works. 

One night each week, you and your partner need to go out on a date. The phone stays at home, work finishes early, the kids get a babysitter and you book a restaurant you'd like to try. 

It gives the two of you an opportunity to chat about how you're going, what you're learning, what you can improve as a team and offers you a better overview of how to improve your relationship. 

Now, I get that you're busy. But if you're too busy to lock in one night each week for your partner, your priorities are completely wrong. So busy is not an excuse. 

It's a small commitment with massive rewards.  

Go on. 

Give it a go next week. 

(P.S - Fellas, if this is your idea - you'll earn yourself 2 months worth of brownie points. Thank me later.)