The problem with Dr. Google.

Don't diagnose yourself based solely on what Dr. Google tells you. 

(I know you always do it, but you should stop).  

It's the equivalent of visiting 6,000,267 doctors and hoping to find one easy answer to walk away with. It doesn't happen. Instead you walk away overwhelmed and frozen by all the information that may (or may not) help you. That's not useful. When you have too much information, you freeze. 

Freezing won't help you. 

Despite Dr. Google doing his best to help us, it turns out he has a lot of uneducated opinions that he really shouldn't be sharing. He's too quick to speak on subject he really knows nothing about. He's as helpful as my old doctor who kept telling me I just needed more antibiotics and a third surgery to help my blocked nose when really, I just had to stop drinking milk.

But that's a story for another day. 

Before you start asking Dr. Google how to help you, make sure he's not answering you in the form of a twelve year old girls blog on the topic you're 'researching'.. Instead, ask him to point you in the direction of an actual, respected professional who can help you with you specific issue you're facing. Then, after taking some time to carefully assess the professional he refers you to, start considering which advice is relevant to you. 

The best way to make the wrong decision is to listen to everyone. 

So, if you're going go to Dr. Google for answers. 

Please know he's not as clever as you think. 

Google with caution.