Don't ignore the dragon

In his book 'There's No Such Thing as a Dragon', Jack Kent writes about a boy who finds a small dragon hidden in his room. After telling his mother what he's found, she comforts him by saying that there's no such thing as a dragon. Like any good boy, he takes his mothers advice. But as a result of him ignoring it, it grows a little bigger. This dragon doesn't want to be ignored. The more it's ignored, the more it grows and the more the mother reminds the boy that the dragon isn't real. Hence, it keeps getting bigger. 

In fact, this pattern continues until one day the dragon has grown to such a size that the family home is destroyed due to the size of the dragon inside it. It's only at this point of destruction that the mother is willing to admit that maybe there really is a dragon in the house. 

But then the craziest things happens. When the dragon is acknowledged, it gets a little bit smaller. In fact, the more it's acknowledged, the smaller it gets. 

Isn't that the way that dragons in our own lives seem to go?

If you refuse to acknowledge them, they keep getting bigger. 

The just need a little bit of attention. 

Don't ignore your dragons. 

Admitting they are there is the first step in making sure they don't get bigger than they need to be.