Your past doesn't equal your future

They're twins.

Their Dad was an alcoholic and drug addict who used to beat their Mum. He was in and out of prison and as a result, they never really got to know him well. 

Fast forward to their thirtieth birthdays. 

One has built a great career, is married with two kids and commits his time and energy into nurturing his job, his health and the relationship with his family. 

When asked why his life is like this he says that he had no other option. After being raised in a family like his he promised himself that he would but provide a better life for himself and his family when he eventually had the chance. 

What about his brother?

He's now in prison for his involvement in drugs, he is off and on with his girlfriend who he beats and alcohol is a big problem in his life. 

When asked why his life ended up this way he says he had no other option. After being raised in a family like his he knew the direction his life would take. He says he's just living the life that was offered to him. 

Two kids. 

Same situation. 

Very different results. 

Very often what we tell ourselves about the situation we find ourself has more power to change our lives than the situation themselves.

Our past doesn't need to dictate our future. 

We just need to believe that. 

What story have you been telling yourself about your past?

Is there a more powerful alternative?