Why you hate reading.


Maybe you don't hate reading at all. 

Maybe it's just that the books that you've been forced to read have left a bad taste in your mouth. School seems to have that effect on a lot of people. There's only so many boring books we can be told to read for English before we're convinced we're just not readers. 

But don't judge yourself too quickly. 

Could just be that you've been trying to read the wrong books?

Why not read about something you love? Or at least something that interests you. 

Start with that. 

Then when you finish that book. Do it again. 

As you repeat that process, your world will start to look bigger. Then you'll start to realise that you're interested in a lot more than you originally thought. Then a whole heap of other books will become interesting. Then your world gets huge. 

That's exciting. 

But don't force yourself to read. 

Just read about what you love.