Busyness is the enemy of productivity

Busyness and productivity are two very different things.

Busyness is concerned with filling each moment of your day with something more. It wants you to check your emails...again, organise another pointless meeting and rush from task to task to give the impression you're doing something of value. Busyness is more concerned with how much you get done rather than the quality of what you're doing.

Productivity, on the other hand, is more concerned with quality. It’s happy for you to take a break when the work is done because it understands that rest is just as important as the work. Our culture thinks it’s in love with productivity, but it’s not…

We’re in love with busy.

We ignore our health because we’re busy.

We ignore our spouse because we’re busy.

We ignore our friends because we’re busy.

We ignore our passions because we’re busy.

There's nothing admirable about busyness.

Pursue quality.

Let go of the busy work.

Get productive.