Information vs Transformation

Information without transformation is useless.

We could have all the answers on how to be a good partner and be a terrible partner at the same time. Unless you're practicing what you're learning, its ability to transform your life is low. 

That's easy to forget in world where access to information has become so available. With podcasts, audio-books, websites and articles constantly available to us, we never need to have a moment to sit and absorb what we've just learnt.  We can fool ourselves into thinking that just because we're taking on more, means we're benefiting more. 

Flooding a thirsty plant with water is not a better option than watering that plant on a regular basis and letting it build it's health over time. It needs time to absorb what you're offering it. 

Our goal should not be to consume more information, for the sake of consuming it, but to let the information we do take on, transform the way we live. So, before you keep flooding, ask:

Is this just information?

Or it is actually changing my life?