The beauty in boundaries

Creating boundaries in our lives is important.

They allow us to prioritise and structure the things in our life that we believe are worth our time.

Family. Work. Rest. Play. Study.

They allow us to commit our time to each area with confidence, knowing that once we've completed one area, we can commit our time to another, and do it stress free. The boundaries prevent us having to constantly wonder whether we should be committing our time to something else.

What time does work finish so we can be with our family?

What time does play finish so we can focus on our work?

What time do our rest days finish so we remember to work out?

When do you put the candy away and eat your vegetables?

When do you put the wine down and drink the water?

The first step is to consider what you value most and build around that. 

Go on.

Set yourself a few boundaries.