A case to keep going

We quit too quickly.

We quit jobs.

We quit training.

We quit marriages.

We quit pursuing our dreams.

We quit developing our skills.

We decide that it’s best that we just move on.

Sometimes that's wisdom.

But too often it’s an inability for us to see that the trials we face serve as an opportunity for us to learn, adjust, refine and grow. In a culture of ‘all things should be easy,’ we take the obstacle as a sign that things are about to break and we should get out while we still can.

It’s too short-sighted.

Rather than adapting and improving, we give up, move on and spend the rest of our days reflecting on how things might have been if we had of kept on going. We forget that the best marriages have their trials, the best businessmen have their failure and the best comedians have bombed.

Are you being impatient?

Have you misunderstood your trial?

Are you sure you're on the wrong path?

Don't forget the old saying.

Overnight success stories take around ten years to write.