The quickest route towards your goal...


Is to take the next step. 

In a culture that celebrates overnight success and the rapid rise to fame, we can easily assume that the only breakthroughs that take place are the big ones. 

That's not true. 

The route towards our goals is usually a much longer process than we've planned for. It can be undulating, cold, with constant twists and turns. The fog along the path never allows us to see what's a few feet ahead let alone around the next corner. 

That's fine.  

The truth is that progress never happens quickly enough when we're on our way to somewhere we really want to be. Ever noticed how long it takes to return to see those you love after a long time away from home? You can't get there quick enough, no matter how fast you're travelling. 

It's the same on the way towards your goals. 

But there's a secret. 

When you're overwhelmed, anxious and confused at the enormity of the journey you've decided to commit to - you must continually take the next step. When the sun comes out, which it always does, it's only then you'll be able to see how far each single step has taken you. 

So don't be in such a rush that you forget the power of a single step. 

It's always the quickest way.