An 8 step guide to build your mind

Step 1: Stop focusing on all the bad news. If your mind feels overwhelmed, change your focus. Look for the possibility and the opportunity, not everything that's broken. 

Step 2: Stop listening to dickheads. If people keep telling you you'll never amount to what you hope to, it will mess with your mind. Cancel them from your friends. 

Step 3: Read more books: Stop guessing your way through. Learn from people who have already been there, and can tell you the way out. 

Step 4: Stop eating crap food. If you're out of shape and overweight, your mind is too tired to operate well. Start eating good food. 

Step 5: Go to sleep: If you're tired, your mind feels tired. Everything feels more clear after a good sleep.  

Step 6: Be clear: Stop floating through each day. Give your mind a target to aim towards, and do your best to hit it. 

Step 7: Exercise: If you're always tired, it clouds your mind. Go for a run, do some stretches and lift heavy things. It will make you feel good. 

Step 8: Don't hide behind drugs or alcohol: If you're stressed or overwhelmed, don't apply a band-aid. Fix it.