Far and wide and just below the surface

Depth is more important than breadth. 

But that's difficult to appreciate when we've been taught we can have what we want today.

A pill to cure the pain. The news headlines to get our understanding of the world. The answer to question in the form of a tweet. We get upset when what we want is not provided immediately. But in our pursuit of immediate pleasure, information and answers there's a beauty that we lose. There's a patience that's forgotten. An appreciation for what can be built over time. 

Maybe that''s why we all stand in awe at the foot of giant tree's like The Redwoods. Because we're admiring their commitment to task of growing and withstanding difficulty and reaching greater heights and sending roots deeper. It took a lot of time and patience for those tree's to look like that. We know they've done something that deep within us we feel called to do. 

We're admiring what we all know to be true. 

That real, positive and beautiful growth takes time. Not just in nature, but in us. 

There's a lesson that's found in the commitment. There's a transformation that takes place in the study. There's a joy in the process that many of us are missing because we prefer breadth over depth. Rather than being lured by the tweet, headline and pill, become attracted to learning, thinking and meditating on what actually produces the growth you'd like to see. 

Then set about pursuing those things.  

It's a offers a more beautiful final product.