Two sides of indecision

There are times when making a decision is the wrong move. 

When we need to think about the options a little longer before we commit. 

But there are times when not making a decision becomes a prison. 

Assessing our options yet again because we're trying to guarantee we make the right decision. Not making a move until we have a super clear five year plan. Not committing to anything because of the fear it may be the wrong decision. 

If we're honest with ourselves. Our indecision needs a time limit. 

Then we need to take the evidence we have and commit with all our heart to the project, relationship, career or option before us. 

Being caught in the inbetween phase of not commttiing eventually becomes a cage that traps us from creating anything meaningful and exhausting ourselves in the process. Take time to make your decision, but put a date on it.