Your inner David

The statue 'David' was created by removing all of the marble that wasn't David. 

It required extreme focus and clarity from Michelangelo on what he wanted the final product to be. He had to remove all the marble that prevented our eyes from seeing his vision. He had to remove everything that wasn't David.

That's a long process. It could quickly become a long, frustrating process which seems pointless. But without undertaking the removal of the excess, he would never have found David. 

The same is true for you. 

What you've labelled as a waste of time, may, in fact, be the most important part of discovering your true potential. The removal of everything that is not what you're trying to become. 

Keep chipping away. 

Take a step back from time to time to see your situation from a different perspective. 

Maybe the pain you're feeling is what it feels like to remove everything from your life that stops your inner David being revealed. 

Maybe you're simply being refined. 

That's what happens before you shine.