The day you changed your mind.

Just like the food we feed our bodies changes the way it functions, the thoughts we attach emotion to changes the way our mind functions. That’s an important lesson to learn in an age where so many people are anxious and feel helpless to fix it.

In a recent interview with Dave Rubin, Eckhart Tolle explains how our thoughts are like our heartbeat: happening to us, rather than as a result of conscious effort. This lesson allows us to reduce the emotional attachment we have to our thoughts. And it turns out that’s the most effective way to cut the circuit in unhelpful patterns of thought, which is a short circuit to greater joy.

Have you wrongly assumed that you are your thoughts?

Maybe it’s time to develop a fresh perspective. When you can observe them, rather than assume you are them then the anxiety that accompanies an attachment can’t help but disappear.

It may take some time to become a habit.

But it’s time worth taking.