Do one thing well

Since 1905, Red Wings have been in business with the commitment to creating excellent work boots. 

As a result, they are one of the most sought-after boots for people looking for quality. One hundred and twelve years of focus on one thing will help you build that quality. They could have decided to expand their business to be about boots and belts because that would seem like an opportunity to earn more money by pleasing more people. 

But it would have taken them away from their focus. 

Though we may not have one hundred and twelve years to build our brand, we do have the capacity to commit ourselves to doing one thing well. In a culture that thrives on the excitement that comes with starting something new, many of us have lost touch with quality that comes with commitment. Excitement is fine, but it runs out too quickly. 

Instead, commit yourself to quality. 

Rather than asking what to start next, ask first what you could eliminate from what you're currently doing, in order to do one thing well.