How 100 Questions Can Change Your Life

Those of you who have been reading my posts for a while now will know how much I believe in the power of clarity. 

Knowing where you're sailing before you leave the harbour. 

There are some great tools available when it comes to monitoring the progress of any journey we're on, and different tools work for different people. 

Mine is journaling. 

There is something powerful about sitting down, and getting my thoughts out of my mind, and onto paper.

Being able to look at what I was thinking rather than just thinking it. 

I have no real agenda when I journal, I simply write and reflect. 

Recently, I came across a book called How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci'. 

The book contained a journaling exercise that inspired me, and I wanted to share it with you. 

Plus, I'm in Italy right now, so the timing seems right.


Here’s how it works.

Set aside an hour in your day where you know you won’t be interrupted. Take a note pad and pen and write down 100 Questions that intrigue you, excite you, frustrate you and motivate you. The questions can be about anything.

Work, Relationships, God, Family, Health, Travel, Cats?

It doesn't matter.

You may be like I was and get to a point where after about thirty questions you struggle to think of any more.

Keep going.

You might accidentally repeat a few questions.

That’s fine.

Once you get your questions down, take a breath, have a coffee, walk around the room. Relax.

Ten minutes later, come back to your questions and look through them. You may notice there's a theme in what your questions are trying to answer. 

Out of 100 Questions, all of mine revolved around Faith, Family, Health, Communication and Contribution.

Then you start eliminating. 

Delete the questions that aren't the most important to you. 

You want to delete them until you have your top ten questions. 

Make sure they're the questions that mean the most to you. 

Once you have your top ten questions, set your life about answering them. 



This activity gives us the opportunity to look at what we really care about, and live our life accordingly. It offers clarity, motivation and inspiration. If you aren't 100% certain about where you should commit your time, this activity will take you a big step closer to knowing. 


  1. What is my mission in life
    To utilise my gifts and give people hope through an intentional and committed focus on my five core areas.
  2. Where do I find contentment?
    Contentment is not a location but an attitude. Beyond though, there is a peace that I long for. Meditation is the key allowing me to access it. 
  3. Is there anything spiritual guiding your life?
    I believe there is a divine energy that guides our lives. I believe the highs and lows we experience are used to help us expand our consciousness and love for others, but it's a choice. 
  4. How do I be the best family member I can be?
    Create time and energy to be present with those I love. 
  5. How do I live in the moment?
    Remind yourself that now is all you have. The past is gone and the future not guaranteed.
  6. Which historical figure has had the biggest influence on your life and why?
    Jesus: Though his character has been greatly misunderstood, tainted and abused by many of those who have represented him, his original message seems powerful. I want to learn more about what he taught and who he pointed to. 
  7. How can you get paid to do what you love?
    Add more value to the lives of others. 
  8. What does a healthy lifestyle look like to you?
    Developing an excellent and efficient mind and body. I do this through eating naturally, exercising regularly and investing time in developing my mindset. 
  9. What is the best way to contribute?
    Using my time, money and energy to invest into the lives of those who are weak where I am strong. 
  10. What are the words that describe those you most admire?
    Passionate. Humble. Spiritual. Counter-Cultural, Determined, Communicators, Free, Relaxed, Confident, Intelligent