Tyson graduated from Federation University in 2011 with a degree in primary and secondary teaching. In 2012 he worked part-time as a Phys Ed teacher whilst volunteering to run personal development programs in Melbourne High Schools. Whilst volunteering, he realised how much of a need there was in Australian schools for students to be equipped with the tools available to help them develop healthier mindsets.

He decided to develop engaging and practical presentations and programs that make an immediate impact on the minds of those listening. Though originally being aimed at students, his message began to resonate with many teachers and parents who heard him speak. As a result, he expanded his work to cater for all age groups and backgrounds. He now works alongside parents, teachers, sports teams and in the corporate world. In 2017 he partnered with IKEA London where he was working on the subject of mindset with a number of key leaders. 

Since a young age, Tyson has been fascinated by the role that mindset plays in performance and well-being. His fascination began when he was trying to learn to deal with his anxious mind, and also how to train his mindset to improve his performance as a middle distance runner. He quickly learnt many simple strategies that radically improved those two things. He not only overcame his anxiety but went on to run for Australia at the World University Cross Country Championships in 2010, win the Victorian mile state title in 2011 and win the Melbourne Marathon 10km later that same year.

Outside of his coaching, Tyson has climbed mountains in Nepal, walked across Spain and completed a 100km ultra marathon. In 2011 he married Jessie. The two of them have recently returned from London where Tyson was partnered with School Speakers U.K.