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I was born in 1987 in Traralgon, Victoria. I now live in Melbourne with my wife of 8 years, Jessie.

As a driven kid, I quickly realised that our culture viewed successful to mean wealthy and well-known. I trusted that definition and decided to try and become a success myself. Initially, that was through running where I won the Melbourne Marathon 10km, Victorian Mile Championships and ran for Australia at the World University Cross Country Championships. In 2011 I graduated from University with a degree in Education and stepped into a teaching job with the idea that this was stage one in my journey to success. The game had begun and I was excited to be amongst it. Then 6-months into my role I realised something. A lot of us were playing the same game…

And a lot of us were miserable.

Despite our nice cars, the latest gadgets and fashionable clothes, we often spoke of feeling as though their lives were operating at such a fast pace we couldn’t keep up the pace. More than that, many of us felt our lives lacked meaning. I was at a loss as to why so many of us felt this way.

Then in 2015, I went to Nepal where I met a man on the street who became my friend, and after a couple of hours of conversation invited me to lunch with his family. He took me to the tent they were living in since losing everything they owned in the earthquakes earlier that year. What struck me about him his wife was their joy. I asked how they remained so joyful despite losing what they owned. His wife said…”we still have our family and friends, good health, and a community we love". She didn’t even mention iPhones. Her answer challenged everything I'd believed about a successful life.

I began to challenge the way I viewed success. I started to read books like ‘The Blue Zones of Happiness’, 'Man's Search for Meaning' and ‘Lost Connections’. Then I started to write about what I was learning and people started to relate to my words. Slowly but surely, I began to challenge the way I was living and then started to speak to people about it. Now I speak with teachers, students and parents, corporates sports teams, churches and whoever else are interested in learning about creating a meaningful life.

When I’m not speaking, writing or coaching I love to run and play Golf (poorly). If I'm not doing any of that, you'll find me drinking coffee in one of Melbourne's amazing little cafes. Fun fact, I’m an Enneagram Type 7. If you’d like to know more about me, here’s a bit more of my story.,